Simple Playground
Teacher Page

Our school needs your help!  Our playground equipment is old and we need something new to make recess more exciting for all of our student Kindergarten to 5th grade.  Your job is to design a piece of playground equipment using at least 5 simple machines.

1. You must log onto a computer and click on the following link.  Explore Simple Machines

2. Once you are at the website, begin exploring it to find out more about simple machines.

3. You may print out the pages ONE PER GROUP. Then discuss with your group  the ways you think these machines work.

4.  After your discussion you will test your knowledge by searching for simple machines.
     Click the following link to begin this activity:  Simple Machines Activity

     1. Click on the GREEN box that says start here.
     2. Click on the HOUSE
     3. Choose one room to explore.  You will be finding simple machines in the 
          room you chose.  Each room contains 10 simple machines that you 
          must find and be able to answer questions about that simple machine.
     4. When you have found all of the simple machines in one room, if you
          have time, you may choose another room.


Assign each person in your group a task:

    * The Planner will be in charge of choosing the best piece of playground 
          equipment for the school
    * The Researcher(s) will be in charge of simple machine research. Look at 
          the history of simple machines.  What have they been used in before
          that may help you with your project.
    * The Design Engineer will be in charge of  how you will build the 
          playground equipment (blueprint)
    *  You are all in charge of communicating and working together so your 
          team comes up with a successful plan to present to the class.

Now you are ready to begin your design.

   1. Research the five (5) types of simple machines you are interested in using 
          and how they work.
   2. Research how a simple machine could be used to build playground 
   3. Begin designing the piece of playground equipment.
   4. Create a presentation for the class that will demonstate how your piece
          of playground equipment will be fun for all students of our school
          and how each of your simple machines work in your piece of equipment.