Mrs. Smith’s 5th Grade Chronicle

September 8, 2016

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Mrs. Smith


Important Information/Dates:

September 16 – Mid-Term Grade Reports Come Home

September 23 – ½ Day 11:45 Release HOMECOMING

October 14 – Early Out 1:30 dismissal

October 14 – End of 1st Quarter

October 21 – Parent Teacher Conferences

October 21-22 – No School

Power School

Have you logged on to PowerSchool to check your child’s progress in 5th grade yet?  Do you have to App?  PowerSchool is a great resource for parents to see how your child is fairing academically in school.  You can create an account for yourself and access all of your children’s information in one place.  I use the App and can check on both of my kids.  I put grades in frequently, as well as, mark missing assignments.  PowerSchool is the best way to be sure your child is keeping up with daily classwork.  (Also an easy way to check lunch account balances!)

Google Classroom, What?

Thought Google was just a search engine?  Well, it is an awesome tool for education as well.  In our classroom we use many Google products (Apps).  You have already experienced Google Forms when you completed the online Student Information Survey at the beginning of the year.  Students are becoming immersed in another aspect called Google Classrooms.  I have created “Classrooms” for various academic areas that students can access from ANY electronic device that can reach Google!  This means students can get information from computers, Chromebooks, tablets, and phones anywhere!  Students just use their Chromebook log in information (Google ID) to get access to their accounts.  They will use this same technology throughout middle and high school.  This week students will be able to access additional math information to use while studying for the test.


The past two weeks have found our 5th grade classroom establishing a solid foundation for the year’s reading and spelling learning.  We have reviewed many aspects of what makes a person a good reader and how we want our classroom to look and feel during our reading time.  This week we are focusing on our thinking during our reading and being metacognitive. We have also created our ideal reading salad.  Ask your child what his/her reading salad should look like.


In math, we have been examining place value from millions to thousandths.  This week we are reviewing the chapter and testing on Friday.  Students completed a study guide yesterday and we will review it today.  Tonight they will bring home a self-corrected study guide and a practice test.  The answers to both the study guide and the practice test will be available on Google Classrooms (Math), as well as pictures of all the anchor charts we created during this unit.


We have been reviewing the writing process and working on 5th grade writing expectations.  Students have had the opportunity to begin working on an opinion piece related to fiction and nonfiction books.  We are using Google Classroom to help us with the process.  In 5th grades students should be able to produce at least a two page written report, so we are working on our skills to achieve that goal.


I am sooo excited!  Our new science kit arrived late last week and we were able to start yesterday.  Our first kit is called Living Systems.  For those who don’t know, I LOVE SCIENCE!  We are starting with learning about basic systems and food chairs.  We will be creating worm habitats and hatching butterflies. 

Social Studies

I have been very impressed on the excitement students have shown on studying their states and capitals.  Everyone has worked hard on their map reading and making skills, as well as, completed their map of the United States.  Today is the first pre-test for states and capitals.  We will have another next Thursday, and the final test on September 22.  If a student gets a 100% on the pretest he/she does not have to take the test again!!!!