The Founding of the 13 Original Colonies WebQuest

By: Teri Beckner & Kristen Robertson

Modified by Janette Henry Dec. 2003

Susannah Smith Jan. 2011


Your expertise is needed immediately! We need three historians to report on the 13 original colonies. The information you provide will be used to teach others about colonial times. Through researching the colonization of America, you will discover the similarities and differences of the Southern, Middle and New England Colonies. For each region you will uncover the hardships that the settlers faced while creating a new life that was accepting of everyone. You will discover the challenges they faced territorial, differences and similarities, and religious factors.

After analyzing your findings, your team will create a Venn Diagram and a timeline to illustrate the colonization period.

  The Task

The task is to identify and make discoveries of the 13 original colonies. You will uncover this information through research. Your final report will include:

The Process

                American History Timeline


Your team will be given two grades for this project. One grade will be an individual grade and the second will be a grade based on your work within your group. Group work rubric.  Individual work rubric.


You will have a better understanding of how the 13 original colonies were founder after completing this WebQuest. You will have learned about the three regions, religion, slavery and how to work collaboratively as a team.