by Gary Paulsen
Below you will find activities that follow the reading of the novel Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen.  Each activity is partnered with events in the text to make a more fulfilling reading experience.
Activity 1 (CH1):  The Heart In chapter 1 the pilot of Brian's plane suffers a fatal heart attack.  Learn about heart attacks and create a prevention plan by completing this worksheet.   This website should provide the information you will need:  Heart Attack Information
Activity 2 (CH3):  The Shock Brian experiences a traumatic experience in chapters 1-3.  Learn about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by completing the attached  worksheet.   Use this website to learn about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder:  Mayo Clinic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Activity 3 (CH5):  Water The human body needs water to survive.  How long can a person survive without water and food?  Should Brian have consumed the water in the lake?
Use this site, Water, to learn more and answer these questions about survival.
Activity 4 (CH8):  Fire
Activity 5 (CH13):  Depression Brian experiences a major change in attitude at the end of Chapter 13.  Use this worksheet to guide you through learning about depression and Brian's experiences. Information about clinical depression can be found at:  Mayo Clinic Depression
Activity 6 (CH16):  Tornado Tornadoes are not uncommon to us in the midwest, but what did you really know about them?  Use this page to guide your inquiry. Tornado Information can be found at the National Weather Service Tornado Information Website.